5 Things EVERY Beginner Photographer Needs (VIDEO)

If you’re interested in getting started in photography but don’t know where to begin, the below video from TMIDD is a great place to start. In the clip at the bottom of this post, he tells you the five most basic things every beginner photographer needs to start shooting.

While his advice might be too basic for anyone who already has a camera, lens, etc. and might knows some of the basics, total newbies should definitely listen up. These are the must-have photo accessories with explanations on how to get the most bang for your buck with this essential gear.

#1 Camera (& Kit Lens)

“Now a camera comes automatically with a lens as long as you by it new,” he explains. “With that camera comes a kit lens most of the time. A lot of people say kit lenses are not of good quality and I am here to say that that is far from the truth. It is more about the person operating the actual camera than the gear.”

#2 Memory Cards

“We live in a world where content is everything and we need places to store that content. So, memory cards are a must. I would recommend having multiple memory cards and at least start off with a 64GB card.”

#3 Additional Batteries

“I always recommend having additional batteries. One is none, is what I say. At least have a backup battery for your camera.”

#4 Computer

“You are going to need to process and edit your images so, it goes without saying that you’ll need a laptop, desktop, some computer or even a phone. Phones nowadays have the processing capability to edit photos just as good as any computer can.”

#5 Software

“What do we need to edit? We need some editing software. You can start with free software, which I did, and I highly recommend it just to get your feet wet in the craft.”