5 Reasons Why Every Landscape Photographer MUST Own a 24-105mm Zoom Lens (VIDEO)

In terms of the arsenal of lenses typically used by a landscape photographer, a 24-105mm would not seem to rate highly. Photographer Mads Peter Iversen, however, disagrees, arguing in the below video that a 24-105mm zoom lens is a "must own" piece of gear for landscape shooters.

"Why even own a 24-105mm lens for landscape photography?" Iversen asks. "Isn't a wide-angle zoom enough? In this video, I'll give you five reasons why a 24-105mm lens is an essential part of my landscape photography tool kit. I will also discuss whether to choose the 24-105mm or the 24-70mm lens."

Check out Iversen's video below and let us know if you agree with his five reasons. If you're still deciding on which lens to add to your kit, you should also watch these two Shutterbug videos with more advice:

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