5 Pro Tips for Composing Photos with Depth (VIDEO)

Regardless of one’s level of expertise, and the equipment we own, just about every photographer aspires to capture professional looking images. Of course that’s far easier said than done. One way to get on the right path is to pick up some valuable advice from an internationally acclaimed pro.

Serge Ramelli is an amazing French photographer, best known for the stunning landscape and cityscape images he’s captured across the globe from the seacoast in California to the bustling streets of Paris. One of the hallmarks of Ramelli’s success is his remarkable eye for composition.

In the helpful video below, Ramelli reveals five key principles of composition he employs for most of his images. What makes this tutorial a bit different is that instead of providing his advice in a behind-the-scenes video while out shooting, he shares his magic in a conversation with Marc Silber of Advancing Your Photography.

The specific topic at hand is how to create more compelling photographs by composing photos with depth. Ramelli illustrates his five tips with a selection of beautiful images. His overarching suggesting is, “Consider what story you are trying to tell, and compose the scene accordingly.”

Ramelli also demonstrates the importance of selecting scenes that offer interest in the foreground, middle ground, and background, and he reviews the use of leading lines to guide a viewer’s eye through the photo. Watch the video for more details on these and other tips from Ramelli, and start shooting like a pro.

You can find more shooting and editing tutorials on Ramelli’s YouTube channel, and be sure to check out yesterday’s story with five tips for shooting stunning nature photos at night.