5 Great Tips for Better Landscape Photos and Being Comfortable in the Great Outdoors (VIDEO)

Toma Bonciu is a Romanian nature photographer that we turn to regularly for fun camera hacks and concise tutorials on improving images you shoot in the great outdoors. In the seven-minute video below he reveals five simple tips for making your landscape trips easier and bringing home great photos.

Just about everyone knows that a tripod is an essential tool for landscape photography. But as Bonciu points out, a cheap, poorly constructed tripod can impart a false sense of security and actually degrade the quality of your photographs. Bonciu explains what to look for when investing in a tripod so it delivers the results you expect,

Bonciu’s second tip also involves bad investments; namely purchasing poor-quality filters that don’t do justice your high-quality lenses and cameras. He notes that every piece of glass between the lens and your subject affects the quality of a photograph. So if you’re going to use filters be sure they are good ones.

Other advice includes wearing the proper apparel and footwear so your trips aren’t cut short by ill-fitting boots or outerwear that doesn’t protect you from the elements. Bonciu also discusses how to choose a well-built backpack with a quality suspension system that will enable you to carry photo and camping gear in comfort.

As far as image-capture is concerned, Bonciu says it’s all about “learning when the magic happens.” He discusses the importance of finding a great location, shooting at the perfect time of day, and how you can exploit a variety of atmospheric conditions to create spectacular images.

You can find more great tips on Bonciu’s YouTube channel, and be sure to look at an earlier video of his we posted describing five landscape photography mistakes to avoid at all costs.