5 Great Photo Accessories You Won't Want to Live Without (VIDEO)

Cameras and lenses are essential to photography, of course, but photo accessories are where you can really have some fun. In the below video, photographer Mark Holtze shares five camera accessories he "can't live without."

"I actually get a lot of questions as to what camera accessories I use, so I figured I might as well do a video on it since it's the Holiday season and some of you might be putting a 'wish list' together," Holtze says.

Here are the five essential photo accessories he discusses in the below video:

#1 Hoodman Hoodeye - $19.99

#2 Fotodiox Adapter - $19.99

#3 Peak Design Slide Lite - $49.95

#4 Simmod VND - $125

#5 Sony Vertical Battery Grip - $348

After you watch Holtze's video, make sure to visit the clip's YouTube page where he's shared links on where to buy all these accessories in the description. And also, of course, don't forget to subscribe to his channel.

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