5 Editing HACKS that Will Turn Your Landscape Photos from Duds to Studs (VIDEO)

Call them tips, call them tricks, call them hacks. Whichever word you prefer, smart image editing advice can be extremely helpful for transforming your outdoor photos from lackluster landscapes to spectacular scenic vistas in minutes.

And in the below video, landscape pro Mark Denney shares "5 editing hacks" he says will "transform any landscape photo."

"I'm not 100% certain as to what actually constitutes a 'hack,' but I do believe the editing techniques mentioned in this video all fall under the new definition of an editing hack," Denney says. "So how many times have you been to an amazing location, identified a composition that compliments the scene well - all the ingredients of an amazing image begin to fall into place. But, towards the end of your session the light and or weather conditions never quite materialize as you had hoped. This exact scenario is far too often the norm when it comes to landscape photography."

In the free and easy tutorial below, Denney shares the five editing tricks he uses on his landscape photos to "recreate the lighting or weather conditions I was hoping for but didn't receive when I was on-location." All of Denney's hacks are simple to apply and have the potential to transform any landscape photo in a striking way.

"I typically don't use all 5 of these editing hacks on a single image, but in this video, I review a photo I recently posted on YouTube that called for all 5 of these editing techniques or 'hacks' to be applied," he adds. "I think you'll be pretty surprised to see where this image originally started and where it ended up. A total transformation!"

Check it out below and then go hit up his YouTube channel for more easy and fun tutorials including this one where he explains why you only need two lenses for landscape photography.