5 EASY Ways to Find Fantastic FOREGROUND Elements for Your Landscape Photos (VIDEO)

If you're just learning about landscape photography you have, no doubt, heard about the importance of adding foreground elements to your photos when shooting with wide-angle lenses. But how does one find a good foreground subject of interest to use in a landscape image and what sort of elements should you look for?

That's the question that landscape pro Mark Denney tackles in the below tutorial. In the video, Denney shares five easy ways to "quickly and successfully identify foreground interest for your landscape photos." He also explains why it's so important to add elements of interest in wide angle landscape photos.

"Perhaps the most commonly used word when discussing composition, especially landscape photography composition, is the word foreground," Denney says.

"When I first began studying and digging into the do's and don'ts with landscape photography composition, I recall being on location wandering around for hours looking for something to use as foreground interest as that's what I kept reading and hearing was one of the most important aspects of using a wide-angle lens for landscape photography. The struggle I always ran into when I was on location was that I wasn't 100% certain as to what I should be searching for to use as foreground interest. Along with that, I wasn't confident either as to the reason why foreground was so important with wide angle lens photography."

Here are the five techniques for finding foreground elements that Denney discuses in the video.

#1 Contrasting Color

#2 Interesting Textures

#3 Repeating Shapes

#4 Repeating Patterns

#5 Leading Lines

Check out the video below where Denney shares examples in his landscape photos of the five tips and shows why they work. Then go subscribe to his awesome channel, which is full of great landscape tutorials including this one where explains how to capture perfectly exposed and razor sharp photos every time.