5 Easy Low Light Photography Tips for Shooting Stunning Photos at Night (VIDEO)

Are you afraid of the dark? Don't be, especially if you're a photographer and might have a fear of shooting at night.

In the below video, travel photographer Pierre T. Lambert shares with you five "must know" photography tips for shooting in low light at night. As usual, Lambert's "no b.s." tips are quick, concise and helpful for photographers looking to light up the night with their images.

"I know it's a little bit difficult when you're shooting outside in the city and the light is low," Lambert says. "What do you do? How can you achieve the best results? Well, let's get started."

Here are Lambert's five low light photography tips, which he demonstrates and explains in the below video:

#5 Observe

#4 Shoot at Wide Aperture

#3 Drag Your Shutter

#2 Bring Things Closer

#1 Go Shoot

Check out his easy tutorial below and embrace the darkness tonight. And, of course, go visit Lambert's YouTube channel for more cool photography videos.

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