5 Easy & Eye-Catching In-Camera Photo Hacks You Can Do Without Props (VIDEO)

Travel photographer Pierre T. Lambert was, undoubtedly, one of the most popular contributors to Shutterbug in 2018 and today he released his final video of the year. Titled “5 Easy In Camera Effects for 2019 – Without Props,” the video offers tips for getting creative effects using just simple camera hacks.

We’ve embedded the video below, which also features wedding photographer Eric Floberg with his tips. Here’s a rundown of the five easy in-camera effects that Lambert and Flobert explain in the clip.

#5 Double Exposure

#4 Tilt-Shift Effect Without a TS Lens

#3 Pull Zoom

#2 Tracking

#1 Shooting Through Things

Check out the video where they demonstrate the effects and show images they captured to get an idea of what the results will look like when you try them yourself. Then go visit Lambert’s channel for more photography tutorials.

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