The 5 Best Ways to Sharpen Your Images in Lightroom (VIDEO)

There are lots of ways to sharpen your images in Lightroom but do you know the best methods? In the below video, photographer Mark Denney shares what he says are the "five best ways to sharpen your landscape photos in Lightroom."

Included in the below Lightroom tutorial, is what Denney says is "the best tool for sharpening your landscape photos."

"Perhaps one of the more sought-after qualities of a great landscape photo is overall image sharpness and clarity," Denney says. "This is evident in the cameras and lenses being produced today as the photographs coming straight out of modern cameras are sharper than ever, but these details can be enhanced even further using specific post processing techniques.

"When it comes to sharpening your photos there isn't a one size fits all approach as there can be multiple types of detail contained within a single image. It's not uncommon to have large size detail, medium to large sized detail, small sized detail and even fine sized detail contained within a single landscape photograph. All levels of detail are not created equal and nor should they be sharpened the same way either. The size of detail you're looking to sharpen or enhance is what should determine the sharpening technique you apply."

Watch Denney's lesson and then try the sharpening tips yourself. And don't forget to visit his channel for more great landscape photography tutorials.