5 Beginner Photography MISTAKES to Avoid (VIDEO)

If you’re new to photography welcome aboard, and there’s no way around the simple fact that you’ve got a lot to learn. The quick tutorial below is designed to short-circuit your learning curve by revealing five common mistakes made by beginners and how to avoid them.

Stijn Borgers (AKA Sightseeing Stan) is a German freelance photographer based in Germany’s beautiful Black Forest. His goal in the 11-minute tutorial below is to set you on the right path with a handful of tips and tricks that will “help take your photography to the next level and capture beautiful, memorable shots.”

Making mistakes in part of learning and adapting to any new artistic endeavor; the trick is not to repeat the errors of your ways. By paying close attention to this rule, your skills will quickly evolve, and you’ll no longer consider yourself a beginner in short order.

One of the first challengers you’re like to encounter is achieving a proper exposure without losing any details in an image. According to Borgers, a big mistake with this goal is trusting what you see through the viewfinder or on your camera’s rear LCD. That’s because, in Borgers’ words, “those are typically not that reliable, and chances are you’ll end up with an overexposed or underexposed shot.

Borgers demonstrates how to employ a few features in your camera, like the histogram and the “blinkies” so you you can consistently dial in a correct exposure under a variety of lighting conditions. By following his advice you can cross exposure off your list.

Another mistake to avoid is crooked horizons or photographs that aren’t level, and you’ll see how getting things straight makes a big difference in the impact of your photos. In some cases this “disturbing” error creates bad empathy and may ruin an otherwise nice shot. Most camera have built-in tools to help you get things right.

Borgers’ other tips include using aperture and shutter speed settings in he correct way for the task at hand, achieving the proper depth-of-field, focusing techniques, lens choice, and more.

There’s much more to learn for photographers of all skill levels on Borgers' instructional YouTube channel. So pay a visit and subscribe when you have time.

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