5 Beginner Landscape Photography MISTAKES & How to FIX Them (VIDEO)

Landscape photographer Mark Denney's video from a few years ago on landscape photography mistakes that beginners make proved to be one of his most popular of all time. Now he's back with a follow-up tutorial that addresses something he didn't tackle in the previous video: what do you do when you make a photo mistake on location?

"The most popular video I've ever created, with almost one million views, is all about beginner landscape photography mistakes to avoid, but one thing that this video doesn't mention has to do with what to do if you've made a mistake in the field and it's too late to avoid?" Denney asks. "Do you just scrap the photos and hope to one day return to the location or is there a way to save the images from your trip?"

The good news is it's possible to fix your images later if you follow a few bits of editing advice.

"The short answer is yes, many times you can fix the majority of these mistakes, depending on the severity of course," Denney explains. "In this video, we discuss how you can fix many beginner photography mistakes with a bit of creative photo editing in order to save the photos from your recent trip."

Here are the five common beginner photography mistakes that Denney says you can fix easily during post-processing in Photoshop or Lightroom. 

#1 Converging & Diverging Lines

#2 Using Auto ISO

#3 The Tripod Leg

#4 Over-Inclusion

#5 Crooked Horizons

Watch the video below to see how to correct all these errors with some simple editing and then visit and subscribe to Denney's channel to get all his content.