4 Mistakes Beginners ALWAYS Make in Lightroom (and How to Fix Them)

At one point, Adobe's Lightroom software was new to all of us and, to be honest, we made a few mistakes. That's fine. The idea though is to not keep on repeating those Lightroom mistakes, which brings us to Photoshop guru Lucy Martin's super helpful video below.

Titled "4 Mistakes Beginners Make in Lightroom," Martin's tutorial points out common organizing and editing errors in Lightroom and how to fix them.

"I know these mistakes because I see them a lot and people ask me how to fix them a lot and also, if I'm being honest I fell prey to these mistakes at one time," she says. "And I took the long way to learn them all, so you get the little shortcut fix with this video."

In the latest installment of her "Edit with Me Monday Show," Martin demonstrates the following four Lightroom mistakes and then explains ways to do things better:

#1 Messy Library

#2 Way Too Much

#3 Mask Avoidance

#4 Preset Obsessed

Check it out below and then go visit her YouTube channel for more free Lightroom and Photoshop tutorials.