3 Ways to Pose Legs for Boudoir Photos (VIDEO)

One of the most challenging aspects of boudoir photography is how to bring sensuality to different parts of the body. Much of this comes from knowing how to put your subject in the right poses particularly when it comes to getting attractive angles on the legs.

In the below tutorial, boudoir pro Yuliya Panchenko shares three ways to pose the legs in the lying position to help you capture stunning boudoir photos.

“In this video you will learn three ways to pose legs in a lying position for photography,” Panchenko says. “These poses work for boudoir photography and elegant fashion photography. These lying leg poses also look great in lingerie, skirt, long dress, or even jeans or shorts.”

#1 Side Position

“The first way is when your subject is positioned on the side,” she says. “And we have two variations of doing that. Variation #1 is when your subject’s leg that is closer to the surface is straight. Another one is bent, and the knee is pushed a little bit forward.”

#2 Prone Position

“Posing for legs #2 is when your subject is positioned on her tummy. Here we would keep one leg straight and another one bent and the knee pushed away. Again, crossing your legs on the shin level.”

#3 Back Position

“When your subject is positioned on her back, we have her bend both knees. We keep our legs slightly away from each other. This way we’re creating two triangles and keeping the negative in mind. We’re positioning our feet on tippy toes to make the foot and leg look longer and to make them look more elegant.”