3 Tips on How to Find Awesome Locations for Your Photo Shoots (VIDEO)

The below video from Los Angeles-based boudoir photographer Michael Sasser is like two tutorials in one. In the first part of the video, Sasser offers three helpful tips on how to find great locations for outdoor photo shoots when you're traveling to a new area.

In the clip, Sasser talks about a recent trip he took to Hawaii and what he did to find an ideal outdoor location to photograph a swimsuit model. That shouldn't be hard in Hawaii, right?

Well, it's harder than you might think because Sasser was looking for a specific location that met four criteria: 1) Some privacy; 2) Stunning view; 3) Close by; 4 Short hike. That's more difficult in Hawaii since there are tons of tourists and some of the terrain can be rocky and a bit treacherous.

Here are the three tips he explains to help find the ideal location for a photo shoot:

#1 Ask Google

#2 Ask a Local

#3 Ask 3D Maps

But location tips are not all this tutorial is about. In the second half of the video, he also offers some lighting, posing and communication tips he demonstrates while working with his model, Monika. And then, to wrap it up, Sasser demonstrates how he edits his images in Lightroom, sharing some more great tips along the way.

"We are covering location tips for outdoor boudoir portraits and also showing you some behind the scenes of our photo shoot on the rock cliff at Makapu'u, and then some behind the scenes of the pictures we took at Sandy Beach on Oahu," Sasser says. "We talk about posing, communication, lighting and how to work through the photoshoot as you go. Let me know if you guys like this style of behind the scenes video."

Check out the video and then go visit Sasser's YouTube channel for more great photography tutorials.