3 PRO Tricks for Superior Landscape Photography (VIDEO)

Let’s fact it: Landscape photography can be really expensive. Not only do you need a good camera and an arsenal of great glass, but a solid tripod, filters, and a closet full of hiking gear and apparel for all seasons.

So what’s the return on all that investment? Simple: attention-grabbing photos. Attaining that goal takes time, trial-and-error, and carefully studying the craft. And learning from an accomplished pro, who has made many mistakes along the way, can really accelerate your progress.

Romanian landscape photographer Toma Bonciu (AKA Photo Tom) says improving your photography should be a constant goal for all photographers. In the eight-minute tutorial below, he reveals “three things that I can guarantee 100% will improve your landscape photography the minute you star applying them.”

Bonciu isn’t given to overstatement, so when he makes such a bold claim it’s time to pay attention. At the top of his list is the fact that what you see with your eyes is not what the camera sees with a lens. He poses this question: “How many times have you passed by a beautiful landscape, pulled out your camera, and made what you thought was a great the shot?” Then later you review the image on a computer, and the photo isn’t interesting at all.

Clearly you’ve done something wrong, and Bonciu has a few suggestions for getting things right. His second tip is to search for great compositions without a tripod. Bonciu is a strong proponent of tripods for making sharp photos under all conditions—but only after you’ve identified and framed the scene. That’s because it’s far more difficult and time-consuming to explore a location with the camera mounted atop a cumbersome tripod.

Lastly, Bonciu urges you to “post-process your photos with intention.” He explains the exact meaning of this statement, and has some great advice for doing exactly that. Taken individually Bonciu’s tips may seem superficial—until you watch him in action and glean the finer points of his advice.

You can find more landscape shooting and editing tips on Bonciu’s YouTube channel, so pay a visit and subscribe.

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