3 Nature Photography Tips that Will Make a BIG Difference in Your Images (VIDEO)

Every so often we come upon a simple tutorial that demonstrates a few “essential” skills that can actually change one’s approach to photography. And that’s what you’ll find here, as an experienced pro reveals the secrets to his success.

Nigel Danson is a British nature and landscape photographer whose easy-to-follow videos we feature often. He introduces this episode by saying, “These three skills have made the biggest difference to my photography, and if you learn them they will help you take better photos.”

That’s a bold claim, especially for a 20-minute tutorial, but Danson takes it a bit further, with the statement that the tips he offers “will change your photography forever.” If this sounds too good to be true, take a look and see for yourself.

This video is a bit different from others we’ve shared from Danson, in that it doesn’t involve technical matters like camera settings, focusing methods, exposure modes, and the like. Rather, the three skills he says have had the biggest impact on his photography are of a more fundamental nature.

First, Danson explains how much his work improved over the past few years as he refined his sense of observation, rather than just accepting the scene before him without detailed scrutiny. Previously, Danson says he’d see something amazing, find a quick composition, and make the shot.

As you’ll see in his examples, a bit of purposeful reflection can inject a big dose of creativity into your work. In short, it’s about developing a trained eye with the advice Danson provides. Danson’s other two “secrets” involve understanding how light interacts with the land, and his rather unique approach to image editing.

You can find more great advice on Danson’s YouTube channel. And be sure to watch a Photoshop tutorial we shared earlier, with several simple tips that will add impact to your outdoor photography.