3 Lightroom Tips & Tricks to Dramatically Speed up Your Photo-Editing Workflow (VIDEO)

One of the frustrations with Lightroom has been the software’s lack of speed, at least until Adobe’s recent introduction of the new cloud-based Lightroom CC, and an update to the older non-cloud version of Lightroom CC (now called Lightroom Classic CC).

For those of you who haven’t made the switch to a new version of Lightroom, the video below offers three quick tips and tricks for speeding up your workflow. Tyler Neely is a real estate photographer who regularly posts tutorials on photography and filmmaking, and this seven-minute episode will save you plenty of time in the future.

Neely says that for his real estate work he often edits 50 images at a time, and he demonstrates the streamlined process he uses for culling and rating his photographs. Neely’s second tip involves image editing in Lightroom, with a fast and precise method for adjusting highlights and shadows to correct images that are either under- or overexposed.

The third tip in this tutorial involves a quick method for batch-processing similar photographs in a sequence that require the same enhancements. And he demonstrates how to customize this process for shots that are slightly different.

You can find more tips and tricks on Neely’s YouTube channel, and be sure to look at our recent article explaining the new cloud-based Adobe Lightroom CC. You may also want to check out this morning‘s story about Luminar 2018, a powerful update to this Lightroom alternative that’s now available for Windows computers as well as Macs.