27 Crazy Photography Tricks that Will Amaze Your Friends (VIDEO)

It's Friday, which is when we like to share some amazing camera tricks we've learned in the past week. Today, here's a video from 5-Minute Crafts with "27 Crazy Smart Photography Tricks" that will make you laugh, shake your head or, possibly, blow your mind.

As usual, these cool photos hacks can be performed with a smartphone camera or your regular camera. (There's also quite a few video tricks included as well.) Most importantly, you just need to use your imagination!

"Today we prepared a collection of photography lifehacks that will get you amazing results," 5-Minute Crafts says. "Our photo hacks are cheap and there is no need to buy a fancy camera or any expensive tool. You will have a lot of fun with our DIY projects."

Whether you want to capture some frame-worthy photos or head-turning videos, or just impress your friends on Instagram, check out the easy tutorial below and try these camera tricks out this weekend!

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