13 Crazy Camera Tricks that Will Help Your Photos BLOW UP in 2020 (VIDEO)

The new year is finally here and there's no better time than now to push your photography to the next level. The fun video below is a great place to start.

First off, just so you know, the video is not in English though as you'll soon find out, it doesn't really matter if know the Thai language or not. The easy camera tricks tutorial is mainly visual so just follow along and you'll figure it out.

The second important thing to know is that while these tips produce pretty cool photos, not all of them are advisable, particularly the one where he throws his expensive Sony camera in the air. In the end though, it's all up to you, so be safe.

After you watch the video, go visit the Kanbokeh channel for more fun visual tutorials on photography. If you're looking for more fun and easy camera tricks to your photos some fire, check out this video.