25 Hidden Features, Tricks and Hacks in Photoshop (VIDEO)

Photographer Jamie Windsor always has a few hidden Photoshop and Lightroom tricks up his sleeve. Or, rather, Photoshop and Lightroom always have their hidden tricks; it’s people like Windsor who know Adobe's programs so well, they can tell you about these sometimes-overlooked hacks.

“I use 'hidden' as a short-hand as this is a collection of lesser-known Photoshop features and tricks that can substantially speed-up your workflow and sometimes improve what you are able to do in Photoshop,” Windsor says.

Watch the free, 30+ minute video below and learn these 25 hidden features, tricks and hacks in Photoshop from Winsor, plus one bonus “pointless” tip.

1. Droplets

2. Identify a font in a photo

3. Color replacement brush

4. Easier layer navigation

5. Easy skintone fix

6. Photoshop does math

7. Better shadow and highlight controls

8. Select subject

9. Faster PSD opening

10. Blend modes with adjustment layers

11. Removing unused layers

12. Merged copy layer

13. Select merged area

14. Perspective warp

15. Perspective clone stamp

16. Easier drop shadow positioning

17. 3D drop shadow

18. Displacement maps

19. Content aware scale

20. Targeted adjustments with curves

21. Complex selections with calculations

22. Smooth backgrounds

23. Dramatic black and white with calculations

24. Frame tool

25. Protect an area while warping

The tutorial is actually a follow-up to another hidden Photoshop tricks video that Windor produced not long ago where he shared 22 Photoshop tricks and hacks. Check out the new video below and then go visit Windor’s YouTube channel for more great photography content.