13 Killer Lightroom SHORTCUTS You Need to Know Now (VIDEO)

Lightroom is an amazing program for editing and organizing your photos but it’s a rather dense app you can easily get lost in. Fortunately, there are Lightroom experts like photographer Serge Ramelli who has shared his top 13 personal favorite shortcuts in Lightroom in the video below.

"In this video, I want to give you the 13 shortcuts that I've been using in Lightroom Classic for over 12 years that speed up my workflow by at least fifty percent," Ramelli says. "It's going to change the way you use Lightroom because there's over 250 shortcuts, but I discovered I've only been using 13 in 12 years. And I love shortcuts, so let me show you which ones I think are the best that you should know to speed up your own workflow with Lightroom Classic."

Serge Ramelli's Favorite Lightroom Shortcuts

#1 Show & Hide All Panels

#2 Full Screen

#3 Grid View

#4 Loupe View

#5 Compare Mode

#6 Survey Mode

#7 Info Overlay

#8 Rename Photo

#9 Rating Photos

#10 Before & After

#11 Photo Merge

#12 HDR

#13 Panorama

Best of all, if you can't remember all the Lightroom shortcuts Ramelli explains in the video, he includes a way for you to download a free "cheat sheet" of everything here (you just need to create a free account on his website). After you watch the video, make sure to check out his YouTube channel to see over 600 of his tutorials.