12 Fun & Easy Ideas to Make Your Photos Go Viral (VIDEO)

If you're looking for some fast and fun ways to get your photos extra attention, look no further than the below video. In the simple tutorial, the folks from 123 GO Like! share 12 hacks to make your photos and videos go viral.

"Want to learn to take a creative and professional shot with your camera or phone? Looking for inspiration? Look no further!" 123 GO Like! says. "You've come to the right place. Discover these creative DIY photo and video hacks. Learn how to take pictures underwater, make a cool and interesting panorama and learn other tricks to make your photos and videos cooler."

Here's a rundown of all 12 tricks explained and demonstrated in the video below.

#1 Flowers in Hair

#2 Chalk Throw

#3 Floating Ball

#4 Fake Couples Pose

#5 Panorama Posing

#6 Growing Flower

#7 Popcorn Hands

#8 Face in Water

#9 Leaning Back

#10 Shadow Puppets

#11 Object Coverups

#12 Cart Cam

Watch the tutorial and then if you're still looking for ideas, check out this video with 27 crazy photography tricks that will amaze your friends.