10 Tips on How to Get Your Photography Exhibited (Shutterbug Video)

Have you ever wanted to see your photos exhibited in a real gallery or put on display as part of a photography show? Shutterbug photographer Jordan Matter has ten great tips in the video below on how to make that happen.

Matter, whose photography book Dancers Among Us was a New York Times best seller, recently had two photo exhibitions running simultaneously in NYC and learned a lot from the experience. Here’s a rundown of the ten tips Matter explains in the video below:

1. Pay for Your Show

2. Build Relationships

3. Have Your Prints Ready to Go

4. Build a Strong Social Media Presence

5. Develop a Video Presence (about the 4-minute mark)

6. Share Everywhere!

7. Define Your Vision

8. Do Research

9. Take Baby Steps

10. Think Outside the Gallery

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If you have a question for Jordan that you'd like answered in an upcoming video, email him at jordan@jordanmatter.com.