10 Sneaky Street Photography Techniques to Help You Shoot Cool Candids (VIDEO)

Street photography is one of the most challenging types of photography. The reason is simple: you are trying to capture interesting images of people on the street who don't, necessarily, want their pictures taken.

Oftentimes, street photography involves capturing images of complete strangers. In the below tutorial, photographer Samuel L. Hopf, aka Sammy Streetlife, makes the process less intimidating by showing you "10 sneaky street photography techniques."

"I'm going to show you ten ways of doing candid photography without people noticing you," he says. "You don't always need to get into people's faces to capture nice street moments. So, in this video I want to show you how to do it more the discreet way."

Here are his ten "sneaky" street photography techniques, which he demonstrates and then shares the real-world photographic results:

#1 Pretending to shoot something else

#2 Pretending to shoot video

#3 Blending in with the environment

#4 Making your friend or neighbor complicit

#5 Camping at a spot until nobody cares about you

#6 Turning around to shoot

#7 Pretending to have a phone call

#8 Using WiFi to shoot remotely

#9 Shooting from the hip

#10 Playing dumb and fiddling with camera

"I want to emphasize here that I'm not trying to encourage you to be sneaky," Hopf adds. "You shouldn't be afraid to get caught. I mean you're not doing anything wrong so if people see you taking a photo, just smile and say, 'thank you.' That usually does the job."

Check out his channel for more photography videos.