$10 Photo Editor vs $2 Photo Editor: Photographer Tests Two Cheap Retouching Services (VIDEO)

Should you hire a cheap photo editor to work on your images or will it do more harm than good? That's what photographer Irene Rudnyk decided to find out in her new video, "$10 vs $2 Retouch."

In the clip, which we've embedded below, Rudnyk hires the two low-priced photo editors on Fiverr, which is a freelance services online marketplace for "The Lean Entrepreneur." Or, in other words, it's a place on the web where you can hire people to do stuff for you cheaply.

The video is a followup to Rudnyk's incredibly popular video from last year titled "I Hired a Retoucher on Fiverr for $5!!" This time, Rudnyk wanted to see what the results would be if she spent a little more money on a freelancer retoucher from Fiverr for her images.

So, without further ado, watch the video and see what the results were like. Then go visit Rudnyk's YouTube channel and hit the subscribe button to get more of her awesome photo-related video content.