10 Easy Photo Tricks You Can Do at Home to Create Mind-Blowing Images (VIDEO)

If you’re not getting out much these days due to Covid concerns, the video below is just what you need to keep the creative juices flowing. In barely three minutes you’ll find 10 great ideas for capturing eye-popping images at home.

Photographer Jordi Koalitic frequently comes up interesting ideas to boost the creative process, with simple tips for making unique images. This is a visual tutorial without dialogue, using photos to convey two handfuls of tips and tricks that are easy to execute whether you’re a novice or an experienced pro.

Koalitic’s has ideas for both indoor and outdoor photography, using common household items as props. He employs everything from food, houseplants and matchsticks, to a mop and a mirror. And, yes, one of his tricks uses a roll of toilet paper to deliver an interesting effect.

The behind-the-scenes images in the video illustrate everything you need to know to give these tricks a try. Koalitic even reveals the camera and lens used for each shot, as well as his exposure settings. And he provides a complete gear list in the description below the video.

Bottom line: Interesting photo opportunities are as close as your kitchen and backyard, so grab a camera with a few props and give these tricks a try. You can find more interesting ideas on Koalitic’s YouTube channel. And don’t miss our recent story with a simple trick for shooting awesome images of everyday objects.