Leica’s M8; Does The 10MP Digital Leica Live Up To The Leica M Legend?

Technical Specifications

Camera Type: Compact digital range/viewfinder system camera for professional usage with full range of Leica M lenses; microprocessor-controlled metal-blade focal plane shutter
CCD Image Sensor: Resolution--10.3 million pixels; Physical dimensions--18x27mm; Focal-length extension factor--1.33; Aspect ratio--3:2
Image Resolutions: DNG--3916x2634 pixels (10.31Mp); JPEG--3936x2630 pixels (10.35Mp), 2952x1972 pixels (5.8Mp), 1968x1315 pixels (2.6Mp), 1312x876 pixels (1.15Mp)
Data Formats: Adobe DNG (camera manufacturer-independent Digital Negative Format), two different stages of JPEG compression 6-bit color resolution, 10.2MB file size per image
Sensor Speed: ISO 160-2500
White Balance: Automatic, six preset levels, manual white balance, manual color temperature settings from 2000-13,100K, in 100K increments from 2000-5000K, increments of 200K from 5000-8000K, and increments of 300K from 8000-13,100K
Color Spaces: Adobe RGB, sRGB, ECI RGB
Color Monitor: 2.5" bright LC-Display with a resolution of approx. 230,000 pixels
Exposure Metering: Heavily center-weighted TTL exposure metering at working aperture; metering range EV 0 to EV 20 at 20°C ambient temperature, aperture 1.0 and ISO 160
Flash: M-TTL Guide Number Control with metered pre-flash using accessory shoe SCA 3502 (from Version M4) or with Leica SF 24D
Viewfinder: Large bright, projected frame line viewfinder with automatic parallax compensation, showing precise border of the recorded image; viewfinder optics with reduced sensitivity to stray light and optimum visibility of all bright line frames under all illumination conditions
Rangefinder: Magnification 0.68x (for all lenses); rangefinder uses both split-image and superimposed image distance measuring for maximum precision; effective measurement base 47.1mm (mechanical measurement base 69.25mm x viewfinder magnification 0.68x)
Lens Mount: Leica M bayonet with additional optical reader for identification of all 6-bit coded lenses
Exposure Control: Automatic Aperture-Priority with stepless camera-selected shutter speed viewfinder displayed in half-step increments; manual exposure with adjustment by means of illuminated light balance LEDs in the viewfinder
Shutter Speeds: When in Automatic mode (A), stepless from 32 seconds to 1/8000 sec; in Manual mode, settings from 4 seconds to 1/8000 sec in half-step increments plus B for open exposures of any duration; flash synchronization times from B (Bulb) to 1/250 sec
Storage Medium: SD cards up to 4GB
Power Supply: Lithium ion rechargeable battery with a nominal voltage of 3.7v and a capacity of 1900mAh
Interface: 5-pin standard mini-USB socket USB 2.0; Leica Digital Capture allows the camera to be operated by software using a USB 2.0 connection
Camera Body: Size--138.6x80.2x36.9mm (5.5x3.2x1.5"); Weight with rechargeable battery--approx. 590 grams (20.8 oz)
Street Price: $4795

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