Please comment on your opinion of digital SLR models available now.

Please comment on your opinion of digital SLR models available now.
Under $750
42% (30 votes)
Under $500
28% (20 votes)
No thanks, I'll stick with my film SLR.
30% (21 votes)
Total votes: 71

Jason's picture

Why would anyone pay more for less. If you do your research, the image sensor of a digital SLR camera is about the same size as the A.P.S. (Advanced Photo System). It doesn't make sense if you're trying to make say a 16X20 print to use a digital SLR bc it's almost half the size of 35mm film. You can pay $1500 for digital or $600 for film you do the math. Good luck in making the right choice.

Ron Carter's picture

I would probably switch at a higher price if the camera had the right features and could utilize my current Canon lenses.

N.  Potts's picture

At least until the Maxxum 7D is on the market... Then I'll upgrade from my Fuji 602Z and Maxx 7 film SLR.

John Pires, Toronto's picture

I'm more concerned with a full-frame sensor than I am with megapixels. I, like many wide-angle street shooters, want to use my existing 20mm, 24mm and 28mm lenses as they were meant to be used! Tried out an EOS 10d for a few months and it hurt. Having said that, I am not sure I'd switch to digital shooting if a film scanner appeared that would accurately scan silver-based film. That way I'd have my archive neg and digi file too! Would sleep better at night : )

Kit Taylor's picture

I will buy a digital body when I can get a full-frame sensor, 24mp and no noise in long exposures for under $2000. Until then I will scan film.

John Wilson's picture

But it would have to be a SLR with at least 6.0mp.

Bob's picture

Actually, my price point was $1,000 as I recently purchased a Nikon D70. I couldn't have made a better decision but I plan to continue to shoot film (slides) because I like the color palette certain films deliver. Further, I scan my better slides and negatives using a Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Elite 5400 film scanner which gives terrific results.

Gene Olson's picture

Digital is still overpriced.

Jim Mirek's picture

Want full size sensor (same as 35mm) and abiltiy to use my 22 Nikon lens with it.

Andrew Pike's picture

Never! I'll be with film till the fat lady sings! For me, at least, film is easier to understand and holds more advantages over digital. If film is no longer sold at some point in the far future, then I'll consider going digital.

J.  D.'s picture

Still not enough variety affordable in the under $1,000 range. Too many companies are sinking efforts into more pixels vice affordable 5-6Megapixel, interchangeable lens real digital SLRs.

D.  Hagen's picture

It's not price. Full frame sensors are needed. If I want to use my existing glass and not get 1.5X factor, we need full size sensors. And as I have found very good in camera software. That makes a hudge differance.

Ahmet Aydogan's picture

Already switched using Fuji S2!

Carl's picture

It not only a image quality question but as a professional programmer I use photography as a hobby to get me away from a keyboard. For me the question is about the new Nikon F6, not digital.

Glenn's picture

With film quality still overwhelmingly better, why spend upwards of 3 times as much for a digital body?

Gregg Lovvorn's picture

As much as I love my modern toyes, I still cling to a few old fashion passions. Pictures on film and books on paper.

Patrick Barriball's picture

I would love to move up to one of the digital SLRs currently on the market, but I just don't have $1,000 or more to do so. I love to shoot sports, and something like the Canon Mark II would be great -- if I didn't have any other financial responsibilities. For now, I'll just have to settle for drooling over each new offering...

Antoine Godbout's picture

The problem between Film or Digital SLR is not the price, but the size and weight of the lenses. Compare the zoom of bridge-camera and SLR camera... After 47 years of practice in 35mm photography, I switched to digital photography few months ago.

Lionel's picture

Hey, I'm cheap! I'll take a used, tested DSLR like the E10 any day!

Gregory Carlson's picture

I am already considering it, but until the prices drop a bit lower I will not be making the purchase.

Tim's picture

Digital isn't living up to all it's promises to get me to switch.

John Cregor's picture

I use a Minolta Diamage X for snapshots but film for real pictures. I have far too much invested in film cameras, lenses etc to change now - especially at my age 59.

Dave Oniffrey's picture

The Nikon D70 is worth the current price!

Bill Hanscom's picture

When a digital SLR can equal my film SLRs for speed and resolution, I'll think about it.

Dustin H.'s picture

i don't think that switching is the right word. i think there is place in this industry and in my camera bag for both film & digital. especially considering the quality of today's print film..

Larry Haney's picture

I think high-end digital cameras are being updated and introduced too fast for most average photographers to keep up wit the prices.

Unknown's picture

I do use digital 8MP Olympus at present for semipro photographer, but until the affordable digital SLR construction is more than flimsy "plastic alloy" that feels like a toy, my SLR's will be film!

edwardmaya's picture

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