Please comment briefly on your social network photo sharing experience, and what you think works best.

Please comment briefly on your social network photo sharing experience, and what you think works best.
Web page
20% (37 votes)
33% (61 votes)
31% (56 votes)
16% (29 votes)
Total votes: 183

Joe Dlhopolsky's picture

I've done some blogging, but it's hard to keep it up. Plus the software that I used was susceptible to spam, which completely inundated it. I have a personal web page, which I update from time to time. But I'm usually too busy. I don't have any use for social networking. Nor the time.

Stephen G.'s picture

A combination of a web hosting service (Flickr, Smugmug) and a networking site like Facebook seem to work the best.

Joe Good's picture

I am not into computers that much. I belong to 2 camera clubs.

Linn Goldsmith's picture

I share ONLY with friends.

Betty's picture

I use Aminus3.

Alton Marsh's picture

I've slowed down on sharing photos. was the main one. For business I Twitter a bunch of photos when on trips but they don't make sense since I don't have a phone that is easy to type on, and I can only add information in the subject line.

Campbell's picture

I use Picasa web albums.

C Warren's picture

My photos first go to where they are on display.

Donna Jones's picture

I often put one image from a senior session up on Facebook, it has generated interest from others who then want us to do photos for them.

Donna Donatacci's picture

I like the ability to share photos with friends and family on a private web site.

Chuck's picture

I share family type photos of the grand kids on Facebook, my creative images on and several JPG Magazine, Shutterbug and others.

Michael Crowe's picture

Facebooks works quite well, with few hassles, buts lots of advertising.

Chuck Wilson's picture

Flickr has worked well for me as a way of testing public reaction to photos I'm marketing.

Aurora Lee's picture

I use a wordpress blog hosted on my own website. I think flickr should have been an option as a LOT of people are using that.

Mike Booth's picture

Flickr is the main site I use for everything other than business.

Bob Loynd's picture

I only share with people that I know!

Mr P.'s picture

The big sites have terms of service attempting to steal your images.

Timothy Grabowski's picture

I use and love it.

Linda Johnston's picture

I use flickr they have better quality photos displayed.

Albert Dussault's picture

i like Flickr for its ease of use and for the dedication to photography, there are many many photos and very few words, the way it was meant to be a picture being worth a 1000 words.

R.  Sandusky's picture

I use Flickr it is by far the best social photography site.

Carol Eisenberg's picture

i love facebook for sharing personal (family, vacation etc.) photos...this is strictly social, not professional.

Bryan Swindle's picture

I put my shots on Google Picasa. It has a basic editing program that only changes the pictures in the running application. Also the editing program has an direct link to Picasa albums. It is easy from there to send a link to my friends and family so they can view the pictures at their discretion.

Pete Arnold's picture

I share photos on all of the above, and I use a Facebook fan page for my photo business. Add to that Flickr and Twitter. I think these days, anyone in my position, as a fairly new, up and coming photographer, it is important to utilize any and all networks to promote your self and your business.

C.  Warren's picture is where my photos are displayed.

M.  E.  Hill's picture

I'm switching from Facebook to my own blog.

Cornell's picture

I use a Yahoo Group.

Telitha's picture

I use snapfish, but only so I can do free phototgraphy for my daughters' school drill team.

Karl White's picture

I like facebook, because I can tag people in the photos, and it automatically notifies them that their pictures are available for viewing. It works very well especially for event photos.