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I think giving a photo a rating based on whats seen on a computer is not really fair. Then too, if someone likes your stuff, he's quite obviously an astute individual with impecable taste. If he doesn't, well then, thats just one man's opinion! I like this photo.

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Brett, I too like this shot. Would love to see it with better resolution to show all the detail. Where was this taken? I moved to Florida three years ago from Northern Michigan. I miss the Ol' Aurora Borealis. JC

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Very good shot, love the colors.

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Good Shot I am In Alaska and have been trying to get these shots with my digital and no success yet. keep up the good work

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The picture was taken in Anchorage, Alaska in 2004. The northern lights were great that winter, and I haven't seen them as good since I took this picture.

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Awesome. Right place, right time, and the equipment used right. Good job. Is this digital or film? Either way it's great, just curious.

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The photo seems grainy, but then, they were a long way away, right? I admire you for being able to catch these beautiful lights and that isn't an easy task. Perhaps the grainy aspect of the picture is due to only being able to view it on the computer...otherwise...I'd have rated it an 8.

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