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Ron Leach  |  Jan 17, 2023  |  0 comments

Sometimes we edit outdoor photos to make them more closely resemble what we saw through the viewfinder. Other times, especially when shooting on drab days, the goal is to add some punch so the images look as they would under better conditions.

Ron Leach  |  Jan 12, 2023  |  0 comments

Have you ever returned from a day in the field and uploaded dozens of images (or more) to your computer—only to find that you’re totally overwhelmed when it’s time to locate and edit the files? This common and frustrating occurrence can be easily solved forever by spending a few minutes organizing your Lightroom catalogs.

Ron Leach  |  Jan 12, 2023  |  0 comments

Adobe has added a bunch of new features to Photoshop 2023, and one of the most powerful is the refined High Dynamic Range (HDR) capability. By understanding how to use these straightforward tools you’ll be able to achieve perfect exposures with images shot under difficult lighting conditions.

Ron Leach  |  Jan 11, 2023  |  0 comments

We’re currently in the midst of a rather heinous winter, with record snowfall in many part of the country, and this is both good and bad news for intrepid photographers who are willing to venture out in the cold.

Ron Leach  |  Jan 10, 2023  |  0 comments

Precise, realistic colors are important for all types of images shot indoors and out. As you’ll see in the tutorial below, Lightroom’s Color Wheel tools provide a fast and easy method for color grading images so they appear true to life.

Ron Leach  |  Jan 10, 2023  |  0 comments

There are times you see a great scene while driving across town, or perhaps during a vacation, and the only camera available is your phone. So naturally you take the shot.

Ron Leach  |  Jan 09, 2023  |  0 comments

We regularly post Lightroom tutorials to help make post-processing easier and more effective. And often when we we do there are questions about the differences between Lightroom and Lightroom Classic. Today we’ll end the confusion.

Ron Leach  |  Jan 05, 2023  |  0 comments

So how many of you prefer sitting behind a computer instead of being out in the field with a camera hanging around your neck doing what most of us love most? We’ll take a wild guess: Not too many.

Ron Leach  |  Jan 05, 2023  |  0 comments

If you find yourself in a rut and need some inspiration to boost creativity, you’ve come to the right place at the right time. That’s because in barely three minutes you’ll pick up several shooting and editing tips for making eye-popping photos at night.

Ron Leach  |  Jan 05, 2023  |  0 comments

Adobe has been busy over the past two months with significant updates to Lightroom. And with all the powerful enhancements it’s easy to overlook a few powerful tools for improving and speeding up the editing process.

Ron Leach  |  Jan 04, 2023  |  0 comments

One of the biggest challenges for landscape photographers is exposing a scene in a manner that accurately captures all the tones from deep shadows to highlights. A modern camera with a broad density range helps, but even then editing is often required.

Ron Leach  |  Jan 03, 2023  |  0 comments

So you sit down behind the computer, open what you thought was a great shot, and the image quality is unexpectedly really bad. Time to move it to the trash and try again, right? Well, not so fast.

Ron Leach  |  Dec 28, 2022  |  0 comments

One sure way to spoil an otherwise nice scene is to frame the shot carelessly and end up with a crooked horizon or shoreline. Fortunately there is a quick-and-easy fix if you understand how to use Photoshop’s Crop tool.

Ron Leach  |  Dec 27, 2022  |  0 comments

The tutorial below is short, sweet, and easy, but it will pay big dividends—as you’ll learn a simple Lightroom maintenance trick that will prevent against inconvenient glitches when editing images in the future.

Ron Leach  |  Dec 27, 2022  |  0 comments

Do your landscape photos lack impact and fail to appear as impressive on the computer as they did through the viewfinder? If so you’re not alone, and in the video below you’ll learn two simple Lightroom tricks for achieving the compelling look you expected.