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Peter K. Burian is a freelance photographer specializing in stock photos. He is a regular contributor with PHOTO LIFE, eDigitalPhoto, Australian Photography, SHUTTERBUG and PHOTO SELECTION. Burian is co-author of 11 books including National Geographic Photography...

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Picture This!

Picture This! - Our Next Assignment

Color In Black And White
There's something about a monochrome scene made on color film...

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Rugged & Bright LED Flashlight
Pelican offers a new M6 LED flashlight made from CNC machined aluminum. It's built to withstand high-impact situations so it's virtually indestructible. The 1w Luxeon LED lamp has a 10,000 hour life and offers 41...

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Like modern automobile engines, most digital cameras equipped with interchangeable lenses seem to have most of their power or torque at the high end of the focal length scale. In digital SLRs with smaller than full-frame sensors, your 300mm might be a...

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The Nikon D2H has replaced the Nikon D1H; it has also been targeted against the competition camera Canon EOS-1D. The Nikon D2H is capable of 8 fps which matches the Canon EOS-1D in terms of frames per second. There is no other camera in this league on the...


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