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What the heck is a depth of field (DOF) preview button? It’s that little button adjacent to your camera’s lens mount that you’ve never used because you don’t know what it does. Believe it or not, the DOF preview button is there for a reason, so watch the video below and make it your friend.

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In a Splash

Shutterbug reader JP Gregg captured this striking image of a sunset reflection in a puddle while walking west down an avenue in Venice, Florida, after dinner one August evening. 

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Colin Smith may be known to many readers for his instructional videos and workshops, with a focus not only on Photoshop but also Lightroom. Aside from still photography, he also shoots video. But he had never pursued drone photography until about four years ago.

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Today’s modern DSLRs offer powerful video capabilities and even if your passion is still photography, shooting an occasional video can be a lot of fun—and sometimes addicting. To get you started, the basic tutorial below demonstrates setting up a camera for your first video shoot.

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Nikon just announced the new AF-P Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6E ED VR lens. The new Nikkor 70-300mm lens features enhanced Vibration Reduction (VR) image stabilization capability and adds a stepping motor designed for fast and quiet AF performance, making it Nikon’s first full-frame AF-P lens.

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If you’re reading this page we assume it’s no mystery that the term “shutter speed” describes the length of time your camera’s shutter remains open when you take a photograph. That’s half of the exposure equation, the other being lens aperture, that determines how much light hits the sensor (or film) in your camera.

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A common challenge when shooting landscapes and cityscapes is to create order out of chaos in complex scenes that simply have too much going on. Photojournalist Doug McKinlay calls this dilemma “information overload” and he demonstrates a ridiculously simply solution in the three-minute video below.

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It’s a good idea for everyone to occasionally review some basic concepts of photography that are easy to take for granted. To that end, consider this brief article a refresher course in the rules of composition. In fact, if you place two photographers in the same location, pointed at the same subject with identical gear, chances are the resulting images will be surprisingly different because of how each shooter composes the scene.

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This morning Leica unveiled the sleek and powerful TL2 mirrorless camera with significant speed, focusing, and processing improvements over its popular predecessor the Leica TL. 

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Q. I have a Lightroom catalog that contains pictures I have accidentally erased. The items are not in the “Recycle Bin” nor do I have any other access to the JPEGs. Is there anything that can be done using Lightroom to retrieve the JPEGs?