You've Got to Try This Very Cool and Easy Long Exposure Camera Trick (VIDEO)

Have you ever seen an amazing image and wondered: how did they do that? Well, that happened to photographer Pierre T. Lambert when he was exposed (pun intended) to those trippy, long exposure motion images that make moving objects look like fantastical vortexes.

“You know when you see a photo and you get super inspired and you think, oh, I want to do the exact same thing. I want to try to take the same effect and apply it for an image I have,” Lambert says. “Well, this is exactly what happened, and this is what we’re going to be doing today. The concept is actually very interesting. It’s a long exposure of a moving object and it creates those awesome, sucking light, moving effects.”

In the video, Lambert decides to apply the effect to a tunnel in Paris, but the difference is the moving object will not be a fast car or train, but himself traveling on a moving walkway through the tunnel. In the first part of the video, which we have embedded below, Lambert demonstrates the trick, so you can follow along. In the second part, he shows the editing process on the image.

So, check out the video below, which is titled “Easy Camera Trick You Must Try Now,” and take his advice and give it a shot yourself today. Watch more of his fun and easy camera tutorials on his YouTube channel.