You Should Avoid These 5 BIG Photography Composition Mistakes (VIDEO)

Are composition mistakes holding back your photography? Do you want to take your photos to the next level, from the merely good to the great? Then you first must address some composition blunders you could be making.

In the below video, travel photographer Pierre T. Lambert explains the "five biggest composition mistakes" he sees from photographers, and then tells you how to fix them.

"Composition is, obviously, one of the most essential parts about your photography," Lambert says. "It literally defines how each element is placed in your frame. How did you decide to build your frame? Today, we're going to be talking about five of the biggest mistakes I've seen done and I still, sometimes, do."

Here are the five composition mistakes Lambert explains and demonstrates on location in the streets of Paris, France:

#1 Overthinking Your Composition in Camera

#2 Not Using the Crop Tool

#3 Not Shooting Wide Enough

#4 Less Is More

#5 Not Breaking the Rules

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