This Will CHANGE Your Landscape Photography Forever (VIDEO)

Regardless of the type of images they shoot most, all photographers would occasionally like to capture beautiful images of the great outdoors. What holds some shooters back is the common misconception that landscape photography requires visiting exotic locations with big, epic vistas.

In the video below from one of our favorite nature photographers, you’ll learn how to capture amazing landscape images close to home. All it takes is a change of mindset, a different approach to composition and subject matter, and a few alterations in technique.

Landscape pro Mads Peter Iversen lives in Denmark, so you may think to yourself, “His “local” environment is definitely more scenic than where I live.” And while that may be true, Iversen’s tips work wonders when shooting landscape images regardless of where you reside.

With Iversen’s advice you be able to create beautiful local landscape photos—even of scenes that may appear mundane at first glance. He begins by pointing out the key differences between what he calls “epic” landscapes and local landscapes. He then describes the simple shift in mindset that’s often required when shooting less expansive vistas close to home.

As you’ll see, part of this method involves a thoughtful approach when choosing everyday scenes, and what to include and exclude when framing a shot—especially with distracting elements in the background. Iversen demonstrates several other composition tips that are important for this type of photography.

Iversen is known for a unique minimalist style of landscape photography, and he explains why simplifying a scene is particularly important with busy, local landscapes. He also describes the best lenses to use, and demonstrate how including an animal in a photo can make a big difference.

The episode concludes with some good advice on achieving a realistic perspective, and the importance of taking an equally realistic approach to processing your images.

After watching the video, head over to Iversen’s YouTube channel where you’ll find a wealth of information on landscape photography. And check out a tutorial we posted earlier, explaining how to give landscape photos vibrant tones with a few quick clicks in Lightroom.