Wide-Angle Lens Tips for Travel & Nature Photography (VIDEO)

The trusty wide-angle lens is a top choice among many of the world’s best travel, nature, and landscape photographers. But having the right glass doesn’t mean optimum results, unless you know how to make the post of this popular tool.

In this tutorial, outdoor photographer Andrew Marr explains why he uses wide-angle lenses to shoot most of his stunning images. He explains that by going wide, “You can create dynamic compositions and images with great depth.”

Marr has traveled to some of the best photography locations across the globe, and he’s always eager to share what he’s learned along the way. In this helpful episode he offers a few of his favorite tips for making the most of your wide-angle lens.

Marr admits there’s a popular trend these days among some landscape photographers to shoot with longer focal lengths to capture intimate and more abstract images of selected portions of a scene. And while he’s employed this technique himself, the wide-angle lens is still his favorite “because it’s a very effective tool for capturing dynamic, enticing photos that transport viewers into the scene.

In the episode below, Marr discusses techniques for fitting more into the frame, how to enhance the “story” or flow of an image, and why he avoids placing key subjects in the center of a composition.

Marr’s other tips include emphasizing foregrounds by angling the camera downwards, adding depth to the scene by shooting in portrait mode, and using leading lines to guide viewers into the shot. He also explains his technique for maximizing the zone of focus.

There’s much more to learn in this helpful tutorial, and Marr includes a list of the gear he uses in the description beneath the video. You can find more helpful tips by visiting Marr’s YouTube channel and by watching an earlier tutorial we posted, explaining whether your camera’s histogram or a light meter will consistently deliver the most precise exposures possible.