Why Some Photo Shoots Flop: Pierre Lambert on How He “Failed as a Photographer” (VIDEO)

Here’s an interesting video from photographer Pierre T. Lambert. It starts out with what looks like a spectacular photo shoot of a waterfall in the Philippines but then abruptly stops when Lambert explains how everything went wrong.

“This didn’t go as planned,” Lambert says. “This is not a video about a beautiful photo shoot that worked very well. This is actually a lot more important.”

After doing his waterfall shoot, he goes back to edit the images and finds out they don’t work. At all.

However, as you’ll see in the video he uses the experience as a lesson learned, which he can draw on for future shoots. Sometimes the idea of the photo can be good, but the execution is less than perfect, which results in bad images.

“Taking bad photos as a photographer is scary but important,” Lambert notes. Find out how in the below video, and then check out more of his “successful” photo shoots on his YouTube channel.