Why Sharp Photos Are Overrated: 3 Camera Techniques Prove It, According to Pierre T. Lambert

For someone who has put out videos showing how to get sharp photos every time, it's interesting that photographer Pierre T. Lambert is now saying that "sharp photos are overrated." But he has a point to make and he does so in the below tutorial.

"Everyone's chasing sharp photos," Lambert says. "But there are times when sharpness is your enemy, meaning it's preventing you from getting new creative ideas and getting new creative shots."

In the below clip, Lambert shares three creative camera techniques that prove your photos don't need to be sharp to have impact. Here are his three effects, which you should try out:

#1 Dragging Your Shutter

#2 Tracking Panning

#3 Defocused Photos

Check out Lambert's video below where he demonstrates these techniques and then watch three videos where he shows you how to get sharp photos too:

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