What We Photographed in 2 Hours One Friday Morning in New Jersey

We often hear people complain that there’s nothing interesting to photograph where they live. Well, one of our writers lives in the most densely populated state in America (New Jersey). Here are some of the images he captured during a two-hour period one Friday morning without traveling more than 15 miles from home. And to prove that good photos exist everywhere—if we just look—he used only one camera and one lens.

You won’t find anything here good enough to appear in Nat Geo. And we’re not revealing what equipment was used because for this particular experiment, brands are irrelevant. No editing was done except for cropping and resizing to fit web limitations. Actual elapsed time between the first exposure and the last was 102 minutes, as per EXIF data.

What are we trying to prove? If you love photography you can find exciting things to photograph anywhere. Here are the photos, in no particular order.

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Incidentally, he didn’t have a plan when he started out; this all kind of spun out of control on its own. If he had he wouldn’t have missed the red poppy growing in his own neighborhood. We will tell you that this (and only this) image was shot with a 9-year-old Sony DSC-RX100 (original 2012 model) with settings of f/4.5 for 1/100 sec and ISO 200, JPEG. So if your excuse is that your camera is too old, we ain’t buying it.