Weird Lens Guru Reviews the Russian-Made Jupiter-9 85mm F/2 & the Results Are Amazing (VIDEO)

Our favorite weird lens guru Mathieu Stern has been testing out some unusual Soviet-era Russian lenses and the results have been surprisingly impressive. In fact, in the below video, Stern pairs the Jupiter-9 85mm F/2 portrait lens with a Sony A7 II mirrorless camera and some of his still photos and video are actually quite amazing.

The Jupiter-9 85mm F/2 is based on the design of the Carl Zeiss Sonnar lens and is comprised of seven glass elements in three groups. Production on the Jupiter-9 85mm F/2 began in 1948 but was ended in the 1990s.

Prices on eBay for the Jupiter-9 85mm F/2 in variety of mounts are in the $120-170 price range.

(Via Mathieu Stern)