Watch These 5 Self-Portrait Hacks in 300 Seconds (VIDEO)

Photographer Sorelle Amore is a master of the self-portrait. In fact, she's so good at shooting self-portraits, she's gone so far as to start something called the Advanced Selfie University

The below video from Amore, titled "5 Self-Portrait Hacks in 300 Seconds (Advanced Selfie Edition)", is like a small, helpful sliver of that full advanced course. "The advanced selfie is all about turning the normal self-portrait into a piece of art," Amore explains.

In the clip, she demonstrates the following five tips including one bonus bit of advice:

1. Use What You've Got

2. Perfect the Pose, Then Make Minor Tweaks

3. Aim to be Uncomfortable

4. Use the Golden Rule of 5

5. Use Props

6. Or the bonus tip - Use Beautiful Backgrounds

So, watch the video and try her tips for your next self-portrait session. The only thing we can add is that if you choose to use a selfie stick, please use it wisely: it could be hazardous to your health. Watch more of Amore's fun, quirky and helpful videos on her YouTube channel.