Watch 6 Minutes of Straight-to-the-Point PORTRAIT Photography Tips (VIDEO)

With some photography tutorials, the title really says it all. And in the below video, pro photographer Manny Ortiz shares what he calls "6 minutes of NO BS, straight to the point PORTRAIT Photography tips!" The helpful portrait photography clip really lives up to its billing.

In the video, Oritz photographs his wife and frequent model Diana at several locations at sunny, tropical villa.

"It's kind of had to take a bad shot here but we can take an amazing shot if we use principles like symmetry and using lines," he says during the first tips sequence at the first location. "We've got one, two, three sections of this balcony and since I love symmetry, what I'm going to do is pose her in the middle one, right there, and I'm going to leave space on each side. Evenly spaced and shooting form a low angle to really elongate the body and make her look taller."

Later they go poolside to get swimsuit portrait photos while sharing more photography tips. "And now we're going to get some pool vibes, which I like," Manny says. "Diana already knows what I like. I like to shoot from where everything's symmetrical. You could shoot from a lower angle like, or I could go up and frame her body with the pool like that."

We like these sorts of "behind-the-scenes" portrait photography tutorials where you can watch the photographer's creative process while he or she shares what lessons their drawing from in the moment with their images. It's also nice to see the image results and what sort of editing choices the photographer makes.

Check it all out below and if you'd like to see a tutorial in a similar vein, watch Ortiz's video from last year with "3 minutes of NO BS, straight to the point FLASH photography tips." Then, of course, go visit his channel and click the subscribe button to receive all of his content.