Unleashing the Incredible Winners of the "Animal Kingdom" Photo Challenge

We are thrilled to announce the winners of GuruShots' "Animal Kingdom" Photo Challenge. After receiving a stunning array of entries showcasing the incredible beauty and diversity of the animal kingdom, we present the exceptional photographers that truly captured the essence of wildlife. Below are the Top Photographer, Top Photo, and Guru’s Top Pick, along with seven outstanding runners-up. 

Be sure to check out the gallery that showcases the other contestants in the "Animal Kingdon" photo challenge. Also, if you want to see what's new in artistic creativity, download GuruShots' latest software, AI Art Master.

Winning Images

Frank Werle, Germany - Top Photographer


Queen Llama, Finland - Top Photo


Nicol Urbanova, Finland - Guru's Top Pick


Runners Up

Christina Salonius, Finland


Taylor Scepurek, United States


Luca Sharabidze, United States


Ajit Deokar, United States


Ilan Horn, Israel


Nidhi Rathi Saraogi, India


Kjersti Holmang, Norway


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