Ukrainian Sergey Polyushko Does it All, but His Animal & Wildlife Photography is Truly Incredible

©Sergei Polyushko

Photographer Sergey Polyushko is a rare breed of photographer who is a jack-of-all-trades and a master of everything. When we stumbled upon his Instagram page were impressed by both the breadth and quality of his work, but what really caught our eye was his incredible wildlife and animal images.

Based in Kiev, Ukraine, Polyushko’s portfolio includes everything from commercial, fashion and architectural photography to street photography, macro and nature work. And it’s all great.

But there is something really eye-popping about his photographs of animals—both in the wild and in captivity—something a bit more personal than we’ve come to expect.

Even when shooting in the wild, Polyushko’s images appear to be more like animal portraiture than wildlife photographs. His subjects frequently seem to stare you in the eye and are full of emotion.

Sometimes fearsome, other times humorous, the images he captures of wolves, squirrels, bulls, cats and dogs really are something special.

So enjoy what we’ve shared here, and visit his website and Instagram page to see more of his great work in a variety of genres.