Try These 8 Fun Camera Hacks for Shooting Creative Photos in Your Kitchen (VIDEO)

Every once in a while we all need an interesting project to get the creative juices flowing, and the DIY photo tips in the video below provide a great way to have some fun and blast your way out of the doldrums.

The folks at the Cooperative of Photography (COOPH) created this four-minute tutorial, demonstrating eight photo hacks for shooting engaging images in the kitchen. They’re all pretty simple, and give you an opportunity to create photographs that are quite different from those you typically shoot.

The best part of this video is that you can create all of the effects by using things you already have in your kitchen. You’ll learn two ways to use a cheese grater for making eye-catching images, and how to employ a common kitchen sieve to shoot portraits with interesting shadows.

There are several tricks for using kitchen utensils as tools for shooting dramatic portraits, and instructions for making a DIY “softbox” with nothing more than a white plastic bag.

You can find more creative tips on the COOPH YouTube channel, and be sure to check out another of their videos we shared, with eight more camera hacks you can make out of cardboard.