Try These 3 Easy Tricks to Shoot Striking Portraits of Strangers on the Street (VIDEO)

No need to be shy anymore when photographing people on the street. In the below video from Pierre T. Lambert, he offers three easy street photography tips for taking pictures of strangers on the streets.

"I know this is one of the most difficult things to do: simply to shoot strangers," Lambert says. "You might have butterflies, you might feel like it's totally weird, etc. And yes, it's not natural, I think, to just go and take portraits of strangers but that's exactly why I wanted to make this video. Because, over time, in all the travels I've done, and all the different countries I've been to and people I've met; I thought why don't I share with you three simple tips that can really, really, help you break the ice or get your shot without anyone noticing."

Here are Lambert's three street photography tips for shooting portraits of strangers, which he demonstrates in the below video:

#3 Long Lenses

#2 Ninja Mode

#1 Talk to People

"It's all about connecting with people," he adds. "It's not just about sneaking on people and taking shots. That's great but if you can have a human experience with people, let me tell you, of all the experiences I've had, those were the most memorable. So, don’t hesitate to go talk to people and ask them if you can take their photos, tell them what you love about them, and why you want to take their photos. And afterwards, always show them the results because people get excited over that."

Visit Lambert's excellent YouTube channel for more photography videos.