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Don...In my opinion, wonderful all the way around! I'm glad to be the first vote on the "star ratings." When I see images similar to yours, I often wonder about the vantage point, whether the public has access, etc. I like the beauty that you've captured of man's interaction with the environment - many may see it differently, but taking advantage of the free winds above ground here is most definitely saving some digging or drilling below ground somewhere else. Also, way to get some additional use from the prime macro!

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Thanks BuckMills, for taking the time to write. The vantage point here is from a 75 mph passenger-side window looking slightly uphill from the freeway at eight of many thousands, I'm sure, of these guys that blanket a five-mile stretch of very windy terrain adjacent to either side of I-10 near Palm Springs. There's a perimeter fence surrounding the property but since I've seen wedding party photos with similar looking structures in the background I think its there more for preventing critters from wandering onto the freeway than for keeping us out.