Trevor Pottelberg Shot the Same Lighthouse During Changing Seasons with These Spectacular Results

Trevor Pottelberg’s “Lighthouse Project” proves that you needn’t travel far from home to create a spectacular photo essay. The Canadian landscape photographer spent an entire year photographing the same lighthouse near his home in Brownsville, Ontario with absolutely beautiful, and different, results.

Pottelberg photographed the lonely lighthouse on the North shore of Lake Erie during all seasons of the year, beneath starlight skies, the warm glow of spring and summer, and amidst the storms of autumn and winter.

After a childhood in Southwestern Ontario, with it’s beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife, Pottelberg developed a passion for the great outdoors that he eventually decided to celebrate with a career in landscape photography.

Pottelberg launched his photography business after receiving a diploma in Advanced Photography from Fanshawe College in 2000. During his studies he won numerous awards for his fantastic work.

After turning pro, Pottelberg spent 15 years shooting weddings and family events. Four years ago he decided it was time for a change, and switched gears to focus on scenic fine art photography, and has since built up a huge following.

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